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PVC window 800 x 830 White/White, 22 kg


Profile: Gealan 8000
Colour: White/White
Glass package: *2k4-16-4LowE(1.1)+arg#
Uw=1.36 W/m2K
Weight=21.40 kg

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Package includes soft corner protector and shield

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Our uPVC windows are very beautiful and elegant, plastic windows keep you warm. A quality window will beautify your home. We manufacture affordable windows from GEALAN S8000 profiles. You can install uPVC windows in your house, apartment, balcony, industrial premises, hospital, school, etc. ARUTECH plastic windows manufacturing factory has been producing high quality plastic windows for over 20 years at good prices.

Ventilation or ventilation systems:
To ensure a good microclimate, an efficient window ventilation system is needed. You can order from us:
- a ventilation system operating through a link at an opening angle of 45 degrees;
- micro-notification;
- 4-stage ventilation
- the unique GECCO 3 window ventilation system creates adjustable air exchange in its absence. It can be installed either before or after window installation.

Technical characteristics of S8000 profile windows:

- The profile has a 74 mm cill width and allows the installation of a 44 mm glass package, which is significantly warmer than the 40 mm thick glass package of competitors;
-Due to their rounded shapes, the windows have a stylish design;
- The window sill and frame have 6 air chambers, which makes the products warmer than elements offered by competitors (5 air chambers);
- The height of the swing with the frame is 116mm;
- Excellent protection against intrusion;
- The given profile is able to be mounted on strong, thick metal and thus to manufacture large-dimension elements;
- Wide range of colours: white, unique "acrylic paint"lamination with decorative membranes.
- Environmental friendliness! (Prepared without stove). This profile is also recommended for use in children's and medical institutions;
- Easy to clean and maintain plastic windows.

If you want to buy cheap uPVC windows , choose the S8000 system , all other options are more expensive.

The best thermal conductivity of this system:

Profile Uf,W/m2KGlass packageGlass package width, markingUg,W/m2KAkna Uw, W/m2K
1.32-fold24 mm: 2k4-16-4LowE+ arg1.11.3
1.33-fold44 mm: 3k4LowE-16TGU-4-16TGU-4LowE+arg0.60.93
1.33-fold44 mm: 3k 4LowE(1,0)-16TGU-4-16TGU-4LowE(1,0)+arg0.50.79


Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 800 × 830 cm
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