Fenosol Cleaning Kit Mini


For cleaning plastic material on windows and doors

Special cleaning and maintenance kit for plastic windows, fences, roller shutters, gardens, etc.

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Fenoplast Fenosol Mini maintenance kit for PVC curved white 200780 This special maintenance kit contains 100 ml bottles of intensive cleaning agent for white plastic windows and doors with a preserving effect. This cleaner gently removes grey stains and dirt while preserving your windows. In addition, the maintenance kit contains 50 ml of sealant maintenance solution for the maintenance of the sealing rings of the lens and impact seal, and 20 ml of locking mechanism oil with pump spray. By spraying the moving parts, smooth movement and reduced wear are achieved thanks to modern additives.

FENOSOL maintenance kit for cleaning and maintenance of PVC curved windows and doors This kit is ideal for regular maintenance and care of your windows.



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